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A SOFTWARE SOLUTION can help you accomplish several goals within your organization such as: Make quality business decisions, remove unnecessary work, keep productivity up, save time and many others. Dextralab technologies is an Indian based company delivered IT solutions to schools, colleges, agricultures, e-commerce businesses and many more. We have experienced in providing software solutions for all kind of organizations as per demand. We always prefer on developing innovating solutions and learning new technologies.

Client satisfaction and support is most important for us. We work with the same care and diligence to make each of our engagement a success, one at a time, small or large.

Our Products

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Dextra university staff management

This software is useful to manage large scale staff of universities. Here you can gather all the necessary information of staff online and also calculate their seniority list and can customised many other things as per your requirement.

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Dextra roster maker

Here you can create roster of staffs as per government demand. This software is useful for all the government offices and universities.

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Dextra student management

Useful to manage large number of students of the school. You can keep track of student attendance, send text to student parents, generate student ID card and many more.

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Dextra medical

Keep the track of medicine stock is crucial work in medical industry. This software is helpful to manage medicine specific stock.

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Dextra shop inventory management

This software is helful for all kind of small scale and middle scale shopes to keep track of stock and keep inventory up to date.

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Dextra online book maker

Specifically useful for schools and colleges to create their yearly magazines in any specific language by voice command, create Index, page setup and many more.

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Dextra question paper maker

Specifically useful for school organisations and universities to make question paper online and send it to schools or colleges before exam for distribution with high security support.

Our clients

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Some of our latest clients

Some of our key clients whome we have served software solutions.

  • Sangli shikshan sanstha,sangli, Maharashtra
  • Putlaben shaha B.ED college (shivaji univercity)
  • City highschool, sangli
  • Second home english medium school, pune
  • Pixel blaze filmworks
  • LearnFilmsOnline (E-commerce)
  • Iconic Arts

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Sphurti complex, government colony Vishrambag Sangli 416415.

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