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Integrating software solutions to make your business technologically advanced!

We at Dextralab Technologies always look for an advanced technological solutions for any business to standout globally.

  • We are not bound to any particular technology as we've experianced in working on various technologies, frameworks and stacks such as React JS, Angular JS, MERN, MEAN, Next JS, .Net Core, .Net MVC etc.
  • We provide static - dynamic website solutions, online educational platforms, E-commerce solutions, and android app solutions.
  • We’ve developed solution-oriented products such as an inventory management system, school management system, booking and billing management system etc.

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Our Services

Website Development

The simplest online face of your business is website. We design, develop, deploy and maintain SEO friendly static and dynamic websites and web applications to showcase your business all over the world.

Mobile App Development

Mobile Apps are handy and quick to work around. We design and develop Android as well as IOS native mobile Apps as per your demand. We always give priority to develop user friendly apps that will consume minimum size of phone storage.

Domain And Hosting

Domain name and hostings are most essential things to take your business online. As market is full of service providers who provide domain names and hosting services, We'll suggest reliable and reputed service providers according to business need. We can spin up windows, linux, VPS as well as cloude hosting servers as per your business need.


Our Products

Inventory Management System

Inventory management is complex but important part of any business, but dont worry, We've a web based software solution where you can manage your inventory by minimum efforts.

School Management System

One of the leading educational institute has been using our web application since 2017 to manage more than 50 schools across Maharashtra. This web application is being used for manage schools staff, seniority list, results, book printing, budget management, internal mailing and much more.

Booking And Billing Management System

Advanced booking is one of the way of buying products. Keeping this in mind, we've created booking and billing management system which is being used for one of the largest Ganesh murti sellers.

We follows Agile Developmet Model

Individuals and interactions over processes and tools

As sophisticated as technology gets, the human element will always serve as an important role in any kind of project management. Relying too heavily on processes and tools results in an inability to adapt to changing circumstances.

Working software over comprehensive documentation

As important as documentation is, working software is more. This value is all about giving the developers exactly what they need to get the job done, without overloading them.

Customer collaboration over contract negotiation

Your customers are one of your most powerful assets. Whether internal or external customers, involving them throughout the process can help to ensure that the end product meets their needs more effectively.

Responding to change over following a plan

This value is one of the biggest departures from traditional project management. Historically, change was seen as an expense, and one to be avoided. Agile allows for continuous change throughout the life of any given project. Each sprint provides an opportunity for review and course correction.

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'The measure of intelligence is the ability to change' - Albert Einstein

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